About Housing and Food Services

Housing and Food Services is committed to student success. As an integral part of the Purdue experience HFS focuses on co-curricular education while striving to exceed campus hospitality expectations. Improving through continuous assessment, we challenge both students and staff to grow and develop so that they can be leaders in our local communities as well as in our global society.

HFS acts responsibly in all endeavors and our staff aspires to uphold the highest values and virtues.

HFS Foundational Statements

As a catalyst for student success at Purdue, HFS will:

Build community by designing learning environments that ensure students encounter the breadth of human diversity and the meaning of civility.

Champion learning by providing co-curricular opportunities where classroom theory is transformed into real world practices. 

Foster leadership by creating conditions that encourage self-reflection and develop personal integrity.  

Promote citizenship by offering experiences that allow students to find their passion while serving their local and global society.

Inspire pride by sharing Purdue’s rich history, traditions, and character.